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Oct 16, 2012 9:30am PDT
corrupt and wasting money. local politicians say the protesters are also responsible for spain's pipe -- financial crisis. >> the catalonia government is using the beta of independence to diverted attention from the serious problems that have arisen from budget cuts. these painful cutbacks will continue next year. that is why they are trying to divert people's attention to something else. >> barcelona used to be a boom town, but the economic recession has dragged the city down. work has been suspended at nearly all of the construction sites downtown, whether they be schools, hospitals, or other projects. university fees have nearly doubled. the regional government is cutting costs wherever it can. politicians have racked up 40 billion euros in debt. the problem is catalonia has to pay so much money to the spanish national government in madrid. at least that is what independence supporterssay. she is unemployed. she has a degree in biology and has never been that interested in politics until now. recently, she got involved in the newly founded catalonian national assembly. >> it was th
Oct 23, 2012 9:30am PDT
them out. that is made family is afraid of what can come next. while the local authorities were prompted to remove the paint, the family does not believe they can rely on the turkish state for protection. >> nobody cares about us alawis. our prayer centers are not recognized and the poor among us get no support. >> the government is not serious about finding the person responsible for this. it is always like this. >> many sunnis turn a blind eye to attacks on alawis. >> that could be the remains of painting work or graffiti from kids. children always do this kind of thing. >> alawis in qatar and beyond no longer want to stay silent. they're trying to start a protest movement in turkey. it is becoming clear the kurds are not the only discontented minorities in the country. >> this has been used since roman times. the pantheon is built from it, for example. it was quarried in small quantities, but the marble industry has grown extensively. some has warned it has gotten too big. they say it is damaging the environment and ruining people's health. >> from the center, you cannot see
Oct 30, 2012 9:30am PDT
to as in this small town. liberal dutch called the local people black stockings in reference to the dark-colored a tire worn by the women, but not everyone who lives here is willing to subordinate themselves to the dictates of this god-fearing community. this retired scientist is one of them. he runs -- he runs a small farm and feels constrained by the restrictions of the community. >> you are not allowed to jog here on sundays. you cannot swim in the public pool. you cannot go to the movies or the cafe. they are not even open. what they cannot do is stop you from having sex because i do that behind closed doors. do you understand? >> it is easy for the 69-year- old retired professor to discuss the matter in provocative terms. he is not originally from the area. he is someone who will never be integrated into the community, but even within the community itself, there are increasing signs of resistance. we visited this housekeeper. the 64-year-old water is a devout communist, born and raised here. but over the past few years, she has distanced herself from the church. she has long been re
Oct 2, 2012 9:30am PDT
in bottles with fake labels. this local distillers as it was only a matter of time before somebody made alcohol with all to cheap and toxic methanol. -- ultra-cheap and toxic methanol. >> in normal operation, this cannot happen. we have our ingredients tested and reviewed. this was a back-alley type of operation. instead of ethanol, methanol was used. maybe when a cleaner, for example. -- maybe window cleaner, for example. this type of thing only happens with small, illegal distilleries. >> the entire country is on alert. this couple is getting married, having the spirits for the wedding tested in a laboratory. >> we want to be safe, so our guests are not scared. >> but poor czechs cannot afford to have their alcohol test and cannot afford international brands. this man says he needs to buy alcohol for two euros a bottle and now does not touch the stuff. we asked if he is scared. >> definitely. i am afraid to drink schnapps. it is very unlikely i will get poisonous alcohol, but i am not taking any chances. >> barkeepers in prague are protesting against the government ban. they can no lo
Oct 9, 2012 9:30am PDT
, they were forced to sell it to the local authority, but unfortunately, the authority did not have the money to pay for its restoration, and now, the search is on for a buyer. >> it hurts that a property like that one has now been empty for over 20 years because i know that the longer it stands empty, the more damage will be done. some things could have been saved if the process of restoration had started earlier. then at a similar fate is shared by more than 400 other castles and stately homes in the northeastern state of mecklenburg. many are ravaged by woodworm and fungal." . -- fungal the case. the former owners failed to repair the roof. the ornate interiors have been destroyed by rot. often people fail to realize how much money is involved in the upkeep of such buildings. if you want to own a mansion, you have to have a few million at your disposal, but multimillionaires tend to prefer thinkers in spain over mansions in northeastern germany. the hunting lodge was just a great, faceless building in communist times, but it has undergone a miraculous transformation since then. the buildin
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)